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Wild Tame Co. Ltd provides a wide variety of digital media services to organisations of all sizes.

These include:

  • Online platform development (strategy, execution)
  • IT support (hardware, software, networking, specialising in Apple environments)
  • Video production, from cameraman to final edit and export
  • Website creation and management
  • Content localisation and Translation
  • Event Management
  • Event Photography, specialising in live DSLR uploads to social networks
  • Fixer services
  • Animated videos & live cartooning, in collaboration with renowned artist Jean-Paul Buquet
  • Live Video Streaming services
  • Performance Art (Creative Director Joseph Tame)
  • Podcast Production
  • Public Speaking (Creative Director Joseph Tame)
  • Running campaigns (Creative Director Joseph Tame)
  • Social media campaigns (planning and execution)
  • Social media consulting and training