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Project Overview:

Founded in 2009, TEDxTokyo was established at a time when few had heard of TED, and the TEDx movement was in its infancy, with TEDxTokyo’s inaugural event being the second ever TEDx event, and and the first to be held outside of the US.

Wild Tame played several core roles in the running of TEDxTokyo from 2010 to 2014, during which time the organisation went from relative obscurity to a highly anticipated annual event held in the heart of Shibuya at the then newly opened Hikarie Hall, enjoying an online audience of almost 100,000.

Creative Director Joseph Tame served as Media Team Co-lead, overseeing social media, online content production, press, live event coverage and team management. He also managed all aspects of the relationship with core sponsor Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, and took on additional roles as and when required by the organisation.


  • Growth of social media channels from approximately 5,000 to over 120,000 fans, without advertising
  • Increase in live event-day viewers from 13,000 to 96,000
  • Introduction of mobile live streaming using cutting edge technology provided by LiveU, who remain a regular Wild Tame client.
  • Planning and execution of the first ever live feed to be shown on the iconic Q-Front screen overlooking Shibuya’s scramble crossing
  • Planning and execution of a flash-mob video shoot at Shibuya scramble crossing in cooperation with Tokyu Corporation, involving use of the giant screen overlooking the crossing, hundreds of volunteers, 13 cameras and a helicopter
  • Production of a series of hand-drawn animated videos and accompanying booth installations for TEDxTokyo sponsors Otsuka Pharmaceutical, which became TEDxTokyo’s longest-held core partner.
  • Coordination of the uploading of 60+ videos each year to TED’s YouTube channel within 36 hours of the event, with follow-up data management and distribution for the media.
  • Behind the scenes documenting of TED 2012 (Long Beach, California) to inspire local team
  • MC at TED Audition Tokyo
TEDxTokyo Media Team


Media Team co-Lead, Social Media Team Lead

  • Content Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Creation of style guides
  • Writer team management, writing, editing
  • Translation team management, translation
  • Visual asset management (photos, videos, charts)
  • Social media account setup and management
  • Coordination of and direct management of posts across all sites
  • Newsletter planning, scheduling, writing, distribution
  • Social media sponsor relations

IT Management

  • Creation and secure management of all TEDxTokyo associated online accounts
  • Central data management and archiving (5 years of video footage, tens of thousands of photos, community database creation and management)
  • Website hosting and domain management
  • Miscellaneous IT support for team members

Live Video Management

  • Negotiations with live streaming partners (YouTube, Ustream, Itscom, LiveU)
  • Live Channel marketing: coordination of production of video, photo and text content
  • Channel setup
  • Programming, Scheduling
  • Backstage channel programming
  • Production team management
  • On-camera talent

Partner (sponsor) relations

  • Design Thinking Workshop for on-boarding of partners
  • Assisting partner team with production of marketing materials
  • Partner manager for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
  • Partner manager for Microsoft Japan
TEDxTokyo reception party
The Otsuka Seiyaku display, 2013
Mika Ueno and Joseph Tame at TEDxTokyo
Mika Ueno and Joseph Tame at TEDxTokyo